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In A Dystopian Murder Show, two mutants sharing a single, shape-shifting body, are trapped in a lethal TV show where they are forced to fight radioactive monsters in tight, twodimensional arenas. 

Players jump around, use the characters’ unique abilities, survive for as long as possible, and most importantly: put on a show for the people at home, as the score is the number of viewers currently watching. But beware: for the points to count, you have to get to the exit and leave the level, and getting hit once means starting over.

Do you go for the easy win, or try to stay and beat the high score, with the risk of losing your progress?

The two main characters – the small and agile Stan, and the big, brutish Oliver – provide different ways of approaching the challenge and allow you to change your playstyle on the spot.

Put on a show! And gain as many viewers as possible - and maybe even your freedom!


  • Inspired by 1940s comedy slapstick movies
  • Shapeshifting enables variations of different play-styles
  • Easy to learn, hard to master - high difficulty!
  • High replayability due to high score based design
  • Unique, dark and cartoonish aesthetics
  • Full gamepad support


  • Angelo W. | Art & Animation
  • Ioana S. | Art & Animation
  • Isaac B. | Game Design
  • Michael G. | Game Programming
  • Yannick R. | Game Design & Sound Design

Install instructions

Download and unzip the data and execute the .exe-file.

Have Fun! 

Warning: some visuals (e.g. strong flickering effects of main menu) might cause seizures or other photosensitive reactions / photosensitive warning


A Dystopian Murder Show (.zip) _64 60 MB


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As Usual Gameplay from Z9ZGAMES Channel!!
With All Thanks to the Creator of the Game!!

Good idea and awesome mechanics the game is great and the art is so good had fun playing it i hope you enjoy my gameplay 

good idea